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Finding the right tattoo...

Tattoo flash.

When brainstorming on your next tattoo design, keep an open mind! No one knows you better than yourself. I tend to write all ideas down and I suggest you do the same. There is something about seeing words than help bring your dream to reality.

Stay away from staring at pre existing tattooing because you are putting yourself in a box before you can begin. Trust yourself and find a tattoo artist that fits your imagination because any good tattoo artist will steer you away from re doing a tattoo that already exists. Think of a design that others would like to see on them!

The internet is a great tool for searching designs because you have so many avenues to look at pictures from both artist and tattoo artist. Just add “flash” to the end of your search, i.e. instead of searching “rose tattoos”, try typing “rose tattoo flash” and you will see the difference. The images become more direct. Another tip is don’t just rely on one search engine; Google isn’t the only answer to the solution. Sites like are more directed towards artists of all mediums and usually something will spark your imagination.

After meaningful time spent surfing the waves created by the internet (yes, not all technology is bad my friend! Ha.) Take your rough ideas to the right tattoo artist. This is the most important aspect of your journey in creating the perfect tattoo that suites you!

A tattoo artist once told me, “just because a tattoo artist tattoos from a shop, doesn’t necessarily mean he knows how to tattoo!” I am no veteran in this industry but as the years past I found that very true. To be honest there is a reason why there are no portraits in the tattoo gallery and that is because I have yet to master that technique. As a tattoo artist I put the culture before a quick buck. Needless to say my traditional work is strong because most of art work is naturally thick and bold lined, similar to that style of tattoo work. So if you’re into realism, for example you should really take your time in finding a tattoo artist who specializes in that technique. You will get a lot more for your money because there are vultures who own a shop and hire anyone just for a dollar and I blame the over exposure of tattoos through comical tattoo reality shows (Except Miami Ink, that was the shit) but that’s another topic for another entry.

So think of a design out of the ordinary, search for design to help the process. Next create some type of sketch or example to present to the tattoo artist. Before handing your idea over to the artist make sure he or she is the one, you’re Neo in the “Tattoo Matrix”. Take your time with these steps, good luck and dare to be brave!

-Nahlig Bones

...just a dead poet...


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