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Best tips for tattoo after care.

Tattoo Aftercare

  • Keep your tattoo covered for atleast one hour but no longer than 4 hours.

  • A bandage longer than an hour will usually result in your sweat being trapped with your fresh tattoo leaving an aweful mess and tougher area to clean.

  • After removing the bandage, wash your tattoo and surrounding area with water and mild soap. I recommend warm water and unscented soap.

  • If your bandage sticks to your tattoo, soak it in water until it falls off.

  • Rinse away all the surface blood, plasma, ointment and remaining soap.

  • Always blot dry. Lightly pass the paper towel over the tattoo until its completely healed.

  • Do not re-bandage your tattoo; let the fresh air help your body with the healing process.

  • Do not apply alcohol or peroxide.

  • As much as you want to scratch your tattoo, don’t!

  • Apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment (do not use Neosporin)

  • After 2 or 3 days, depending on the rate of healing, you can switch to a high quality, fragrance free lotion i.e. Aveeno, Eucerin. Keep your skin moist, not wet.

  • Your tattoo should start “peeling” after a week. This is normal. It will look like color is coming off but don’t worry its not. Its just dead skin shedding itself. Your fresh tattoo is still underneath.

  • Do not expose your new tattoo to sunlight for at least 2 weeks. This means don’t get a tattoo and than go on vacation to the Keys.

  • Don’t soak your tattoo in a bath, hot tub, lakes or pools. Basically any body of water for 2 weeks.

  • If the area around the tattoo becomes sensitive, more and more red, or develops a rash. Stop the use of lotion and let the tattoo dry out. After its completely dry wash it with antibacterial soap and water 3 times daily.

  • Tin the event of an infectionof the tattoo, please consult with your physician & notify your local departmet of health.

  • If that doesn’t work either you’re a zombie or a Cowboys fan… Just joking to all my zombies out there!

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